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Mortgage rules and regulations are always changing and rapidly evolving. Sometimes it can be very difficult to understand these changes. Making an educated decision can be difficult, but it is critical to every situation.

Our 42 years of financing expertise allows us to guide you through all the changes to mortgage rules and regulations, and we can teach you how to take advantage of these changes.

Just what can we help you with
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  • Buy a home with ZERO down payment.
  • Access foreclosure properties and learn how to finance them.
  • Use your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or gain access to RRSPs to purchase a home. Take advantage of this approved government program.
  • New mortgage rules - Learn how to take advantage of them.
  • Refinancing - Lower your monthly payments by hundreds of dollars and save thousands of AFTER TAX dollars over the course of your term/mortgage.
  • Mortgage Check Up - Just like a car, you should check up on your mortgage options regularly.
  • Own your home sooner.
  • Understand Insurance Protection - Protect your family and your investment.
  • Understand and avoid Foreclosure, Tax sales, Auctions and Extra Costs.
  • Identify what your current lender DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW regarding penalties.
  • Manipulate lenders.
  • Rehabilitate your credit.
  • Get out of the Rental Rut.
  • Buying a designated Grow-Op.
  • Overextended credit - What not to do!
And there's more...